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Message of Solidarity

The Social Planning Council of York Region (SPCYR) has always and will continue to speak out against systemic inequality, racism and all forms of injustice that plague our society. Today we take a stand against the police violence and brutality that has been, and continues to be perpetrated against Black people and protestors here in Canada, the United States and abroad.  Although media attention typically focuses on events in the US, Canadians must acknowledge that Canada cannot be absolved from practicing systemic racism, as some of our leaders would suggest. We recognize that police/state/institutional violence is an engrained, long-standing component of structural racism and white supremacy in Canada and elsewhere. Without that acknowledgement and a concerted effort by all of us, it will not change.


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Mark your calendars for an exciting conversation, featuring Joshna Maharaj, about using food as a tool for a just recovery! York Region Food Network, Social Planning Council of York Region and the York Region Food Council are proud to bring you this powerful talk. Engage with us about meaningful solutions to food and income insecurity, so we can nourish our communities in more ways than one.

Joshna is a chef, a two-time TEDx speaker, & activist who wants to help everyone have a better relationship with their food. She believes strongly in the power of chefs & social gastronomy to bring values of hospitality, sustainability, & social justice to the table.

We will be discussing:

The impact of COVID-19 on our food systems

Rebuilding with food at the center

Local opportunities with values-based food procurement

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Click here to check out an Op-Ed on how ‘Governments must develop a post-pandemic vision for an equitable recovery’ written by our co-chair Yvonne Kelly and Kate Greavette, the Executive Director of the York Region Food Network.

Click here to check out an Op-Ed on how ‘Privilege masks Poverty in York Region’ written by our communications/policy research interns Gurneet Dhami and Jordan Mariampillai, our communications/policy research interns.

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If you would like more information about the Yes, It Matters! Campaign, please contact Sharon Simpson, Labour Community Services and Board Member of SPCYR at  ssimpson@labourcommunityservices.ca

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