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Youth Homelessness Prevention & Housing Stabilization Strategy

The Youth Homelessness Prevention and Housing Stabilization Strategy collaborative, funded by the United Way, consists of 38 community partners from a wide variety of sectors who support young people. The strategy will support the community to develop a system of care that involves service coordination and system transformation for youth at risk of or experiencing homelessness in York Region through the development of a community-wide youth homelessness prevention and housing stabilization strategy. The Youth Strategy will be a collaborative approach to effectively preventing youth homelessness and shortening the amount of time a young person experiences homelessness, should it occur.  It will involve bringing together the community, youth, agencies, stakeholders, businesses, government and those with lived experience, to develop a strategy that will be reflective of the voices of those it intends to serve.

Check out an article about the strategy in the local news. 

Project Detail
January 8, 2015
Frank Emily