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Affordable Housing Coalition

The role of the Affordable Housing Coalition is to promote Housing as a Human Right, to take leadership on sharing information and increasing understanding about the steps and resources necessary to increase access to affordable housing options for residents of York Region and to facilitate capacity building and networking among coalition members (community leaders and organizations) toward these ends.

The Affordable Housing Coalition sets out to achieve: (outcomes).

  • Increased education, awareness and advocacy, through knowledge mobilization (KMb) across York Region about:
    • The extent of the increasing need for affordable housing across York Region
    • Housing as a Human Right.
    • The Global Crisis of Housing and Homelessness – Housing as a commodity
  • Enhanced understanding of coalition members of the:
    • Steps necessary to increase affordable housing stock in York Region
    • Obstacles to increasing affordable housing stock in York Region.
    • Various models of affordable housing that exist and the necessary zoning/by-law changes required to allow for new forms of housing.
    • Current funding opportunities and requirements
  • Increased capacity of new and emerging partnerships among coalition members and others, interested in piloting/incubating collaborative community initiatives, research and build projects.


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Project Detail
January 8, 2015