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Social planning organizations (SPO) exist to build and strengthen communities by focusing on the social impact of larger social, economic, political and cultural forces on individuals, families and communities. SPO’s advocate for the development of essential community and social supports that are provided through human service systems.
  • We are committed to social development as a desired state of community well-being reflected in the achievement of the following living conditions
  • Personal & public health
  • Satisfaction of basic needs
  • Economic security/opportunity
  • Protection from violence, abuse, threat & discrimination
  • Sense of identification & belonging with others
  • Availability of choices & self-determination
  • Community participation & decision making
  • Access to knowledge & skill development
  • Sustainable environments
Yvonne Kelly
Yvonne Kelly Co-Chair
Yvonne is a Community and Partnership Developer with the Inclusive School and Community Services Department of the York Region District School Board.
Dennis Bailey
Dennis Bailey Co-Chair
Dennis Bailey is the Executive Director of the Community Legal Clinic of York Region. Active in the community, Dennis founded the Social Planning Council of York Region in 2007.  Previous to that he had founded a non-profit housing corporation that built 76 townhouses for people of low and modest incomes.
Kristine Carbis
Kristine Carbis Treasurer
I have been an Anti-Poverty Activist and Community Resource Liaison since November 2004. I help individuals and families to connect to resources and services that may assist them with the challenges they are facing.
Sharon Simpson
Sharon Simpson Board Member
Sharon Simpson is employed by Labour Community Services which is a project of the Toronto & York Region Labour Council in partnership with United Way Greater Toronto. Sharon has been working in the not-for profit social services sector since the early 80s.
Lori Yaccato
Lori Yaccato Board Member
Lori Yaccato has been a Social Worker and Educator for 25 years.  She specializes in supporting women, people with disabilities and low income residents to achieve financial independence and quality of life.
Lisa Wolfman
Lisa Wolfman Recording Secretary
I have been an Elementary Teacher with the York Region District School Board for 25 years. My passion is to see equity and inclusivity for all and to stomp out social injustice.  I have chaired and been an active member of many Equity and Inclusivity Committees as well as Social Justice Committees throughout my teaching profession.
Josie Rose
Josie Rose Board Member
Josie Rose is a Social Worker, at York Support Services Network, counsellor, Professor at Seneca College, facilitator of mental health psycho-educational programs and Social activist.
Rebecca Pacheco
Rebecca Pacheco Board Member
Rebecca Pacheco graduated with a Masters of Social Work from Ryerson University and has lived in York Region for 25 years.

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